From the Front Desk

  • Paperwork, a necessary hassle

    Paperwork. Nobody loves filling out paperwork, but sometimes it has to be done. There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to fill in the blanks, but the...

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  • The problem with breaking appointments

    Dental schedules fill up fast. There’s a lot people out there who need to see a dentist, especially one that is part of their insurance network. As a result, people...

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  • The third party

    No one really thinks about it, but the arrangement between patient, doctor and insurance company is an awkward one. For starters, the arrangement is primarily between the patient (or subscriber)...

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  • The Giving Tree

    In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Cochrane Dental Associates has set up The Giving Tree at its office. Patients who have a charity that is close to their...

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  • Do you accept my insurance?

    That’s an interesting question. It depends. Maybe it’d be easier to answer if the question was rephrased: Does your insurance company accept your dental practice? Dental insurance companies usually provide...

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