What do when that crown falls off…

It happens. Not often. Not to everybody. But, it does on rare occasion happens. The crown that has so faithfully remained firmly attached in your mouth has fallen off.

First, stay cool, don’t swallow and hang on to that crown. Second, assess the situation. Is it only a case of a dislodged crown or has something else happened? Are you in pain? If so, call your dentist right away.

If it’s a dislodged crown, are you able to slip it back on to its post? If you can, there are temporary solutions. In most pharmacies, they stock temporary adhesives for this exact situation. Follow the instructions. In pinch, we’ve found that a little bit of white toothpaste works well as a short-term answer.

Now that the crown is back where it’s supposed to be and somewhat secure, call to make an appointment to get that crown recemented with a more permanent adhesive. The sooner the better.


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